Safety through traffic lights?

Safety through traffic lights?

On the same subject, we received the following letter: am 6.A school bus accident occurred around noon on october 8. October was also reported. As the mother of an affected schoolchild, I would like to comment briefly on the article and present my personal view of the straitjacket and the pitfalls that occur at this stage of the journey.

The place where the accident happened has been the scene of many serious accidents in recent years. The speed control signs mentioned in the article and the information about the bottleneck have little effect. The speed limit is too often not observed.

In my opinion, your article is too one-sided and only deals with one possible solution, namely the upgrading of the difficult section of the line. Other possible safety measures, which could be carried out in a timely manner, are regrettably not discussed. Isn’t it possible to ensure safety with traffic lights at critical points on the road?? The waiting time at the traffic lights is certainly something that the residents and users of the road are happy to put up with!

I’m actually primarily concerned with a short-term solution that can ensure the safety of road users in this area. Because one thing is surely close to everyone’s heart: all road users, but above all our children, should be emphatically and immediately guaranteed safe use of the state road 2182.

Anne-cathrin haberstumpf



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