Shakira instead of seehofer

Shakira instead of seehofer

On a walk through the bavarian state capital, they grin from posters, the world stars and pseudo-stars. Politicians, on the other hand, do not. Shakira instead of seehofer or unheilig instead of ude – advertising for concerts instead of advertising for parties. Was not there something? Is not exactly election campaign? Or at least it should be. The posters were simply forgotten? Maybe the politicians have changed their strategy. The argument that it is too early does not apply. After all, you can’t start early enough to curry favor with voters.

Although there are still no posters with striking slogans and pithy faces to be seen, the people’s representatives are staring at you from the front pages of the newspapers and magazines. But there, the ladies and gentlemen are usually not as well off as they might like.

They are not yet talking about election programs or political demands, but rather about revoked doctoral degrees, the employment of family members at state expense, friendships with a tax evader, horrendous fees for lectures and so on.

For the election campaign rather bad conditions. With which slogans should a party seriously advertise itself?? It all sounds a bit ironic, given the facts: more education for all! (free doctorate on request)?) create jobs! (I can also employ my cousin in the state chancellery)?) tax the rich! (does the evaded assets pay for it?)?) make ancillary income transparent! (you know what is meant).

But it is too late for such demands. With many the credibility is long gone. Is that why a rethink is now taking place? The renunciation of election posters as a peace offer to the burger, that one does not sell him also still for stupidly?

Perhaps this will result in a new opportunity! This year, it is not the parties that invest the most money in their election campaigns that will win, but those that attract the least negative attention! The question is, how many parties would still stand for election in the end?. How revolutionary would it be if the violets were to provide a federal chancellor?! Or the odp an economy minister! How about a minister president from the party of bible believing christians and a pirate minister of the interior??

We were the true land of unlimited possibilities, had not a rough coalition, but an ultimate one – in keeping with our colorful pif mindset. Speaking of pif: sometimes you have to worry that representatives of the people give their party the same label in public that our party in franconia has given itself: guaranteed unelectable.

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