Showing the flag made easy

Showing the flag made easy

Reinald kolb is a frenchman through and through. So it's no question for him that he makes his views publicly known with a flagpole in the garden. However, like many other flag lovers, the 58-year-old from stadtsteinach has to be careful when it comes to the details of handling the flag.
Is it permissible to fly the german flag at half-mast after the death of a neighbor who has been honored?? Several flags can fly in the wind at the same time on one pole? Or can a man from stadtsteinach, who now lives in kulmbach, simply raise the flag of his hometown at the fireside of plassenburg castle??
Questions about the questions that keep coming up, especially now in spring, when the new flag season begins. And not so easy to answer, as reinald kolb confirms.

Matter of honor

It will be three years in july that a flagpole stands in the garden of the man from stadtsteinach, which he decorates appropriately depending on the occasion: the federal flag flies at sporting events of national importance. If there is something special to celebrate in stadtsteinach, kolb raises the yellow-and-black city flag. And for everyday use, of course, the franken flag flutters in kolb's garden. For the spokesman of the franken-stammtisch in stadtsteinach a matter of honor.
Rudiger kohler, executive officer at the district office in kulmbach, knows a thing or two about the "right to one's own flag. According to his words, the handling in private is relatively uncomplicated – as long as no city or municipal coats of arms are used on the flags.


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