Snow and ice are simply part of winter

Snow and ice are simply part of winter

They come back every winter, the drivers who almost panic when they see snow-covered roads on their way to work early in the morning. Then it does not go much faster than walking pace and immediately behind these overcautious contemporaries endlessly long lines have formed. Anyone who was on the road between hochstadt and herzogenaurach or erlangen in the early hours of thursday experienced it once again.

"It felt like some drivers were seeing snow for the first time in their lives", reported by a woman from hochstadt who commutes to herzogenaurach every day.

The hochstadt police recorded one positive aspect of this snail’s pace driving: there were only two minor accidents on the wintry roads in the morning. Hochstadt’s deputy chief of police gerhard backert: "the gritting service was out early and the drivers reacted well." Unlike the previous nights, there was no freezing rain.

Thursday was "just another day on the job" for the road maintenance team in hochstadt, reported staff member peter baierl. At three o’clock, five vehicles set out to make almost 200 kilometers of federal and state roads in the hochstadt area passable. 30 to 40 kilometers means that for every snowplow that clears and at the same time hurls road salt moistened with a brine solution onto the roadway. 1600 tons of road salt have been stored by the road maintenance department for this winter, 460 tons have already been used up.
A little later than on the main roads, snow and ice are being fought on the streets of hochstadt. The employees of the city’s public works department are alerted at four o’clock, and around five o’clock eight vehicles set off on their tour.

The children in the bar group at the matthias claudius kindergarten in hochstadt have been longing for this first snow for days now. Wrapped up thickly and equipped with magnifying glasses and flashlights, they set off into the woods to search for clues. And they were found in the fresh snow. They enthusiastically reported to our newspaper: "we found traces of deer, mice, dogs, people and cars"."


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