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Solemnity of the hohenfeld guardians

The "hohfalder kerm" is approaching and the schutzenfest of the schutzengilde goes along with it. "It is a truly exciting time for us guards: to become king, queen or knight of one’s association is a goal worth striving for, and it is always honorable," said alex schwing. As guardian master, he organizes the sliding competitions and the rough part of the celebrations together with the board members.

Opportunity to submit the king’s shot (only for members) is still this tuesday (27. August) from 7 p.M. And on friday, 30. August, again from 7 p.M. (until 10 p.M.).

The burgerschieben and the team push for burgers from hohenfeld, kitzingen with districts, but also for non-residents is on kirchweihsonntag, 1. September, from 10 a.M. To 8 p.M.

Round flight as winner prize

Three-person teams can compete in the team shuffle. Once again you can win a sightseeing flight over kitzingen and the surrounding area (1. And 2. Prize). The "zwergerlschieben" for children up to the age of twelve will be held again on church festival sunday. Every child receives a certificate and a prize.

In addition, the club points out the possibilities of KK-shooting and sport pistol shooting – and also offers archery shooters and all those who want to become one, the opportunity to prove themselves in this discipline on the hohenfeld range.

The guardian holiday

Church monday is also hohenfeld’s guardian monday. For this purpose, on 2. September at 10 o’clock ocumenical service with the flag delegations of the associations in the village church. Afterwards it goes to the early pint and the traditional "konigsessen" in the "schutzenhaus". Schutzenauszug with the groblangheimer musicians is at 1 p.M.

"Just as we have not loved the hohfald kerm die for over 35 years, we continue to strive to preserve this tradition," says schutzenmeister schwing. He also calls the kirchweih weekend the "high festival of our guardian guild" – and he wants it to stay that way.

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