Spd election program jerks party to the left

Spd election program jerks party to the left

This is how the SPD plans to enter the federal election campaign with significant corrections to its own "agenda 2010" reforms. The SPD executive unanimously approved the program for the election on 22 december. September. "This is a program of the candidate and the party," said chancellor candidate peer steinbruck. "Many things in the economy and society are out of kilter."

The SPD calls for a statutory minimum wage of 8.50 euros and better pay for temporary workers. Top tax rate to rise to 49 percent.

The additional tax revenue is to be invested primarily in education. In addition, the party wants to "bandage financial capitalism". The executive board said there had been a harmonious debate, and the left of the party was also satisfied. A ban on food and commodity speculation has also been included.

The final vote will be taken at a national party conference on 14 june. April in augsburg. "This federal election will be decided on socio-political issues," said steinbruck. The idea of a minimum wage pursued by the union and the FDP is not a minimum wage. The SPD was still against a flat-rate minimum wage during the grand coalition.

In the event of an election victory, the SPD wants a solidarity pension of 850 euros for low-income earners who have at least 30 years of contributions. For incomes below 3,000 euros, child benefits are to rise from 184 to up to 324 euros a month. From the kita to the university there should be no fees. The social housing construction is to be demanded with several billion euros in order to steam the rents. For new leases, the SPD only wants to allow increases of up to ten percent.

Steinbruck rejects accusations that it is an unaffordable, left-wing feel-good program. "On balance, we come to the conclusion that it all adds up."SPD leader sigmar gabriel stressed that the top tax rate of 49 percent only applies to incomes of 100,000 euros or more, and 200,000 euros for married couples.

Interest rates on overdrafts should not exceed eight percent. In order to reduce the influence of lobbyists, the party also wants to make it more transparent on which laws external experts are involved and how.

Steinbruck said the market must not dominate the state. Steinbruck and gabriel both expressed their support for the red-green agenda 2010 reforms, but gabriel said that they had "opened the door" to the abuse of temporary and contract work. Therefore, there must be selective improvements. Party wants equal pay for temporary and contract workers in the future. While the reforms have led to a significant reduction in unemployment, they have also led to an expansion of loaned labor.

Chancellor gerhard schroder had presented the key points of the "agenda 2010" on 14. March 2003 presented in the bundestag. He plans to attend a meeting of the SPD parliamentary group on tuesday for the first time since leaving politics. The occasion is the 10. Anniversary of the iraq war.

The former chancellor drew a positive balance of his social reforms in the "bild" newspaper. "We can see now that germany has come through the crisis better than all other european countries."


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