State spa and tourism bad bocklet gmbh close to the economic plan

State spa and tourism bad bocklet gmbh close to the economic plan

The auditors of RSB treuhand gmbh from weikersheim had nothing to complain about in the 2018 annual financial statements of staatsbad und touristik bad bocklet gmbh, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the market municipality. After taking note of the report, which had been made available to the municipal councils in advance as an extensive document, the council body therefore also duly adopted these financial statements in its most recent meeting and approved them unanimously. At the same time, the actions of managing director thomas beck for fiscal year 2018 were approved.

Contrary to the original business plan for the 2018 budget year, in which a profit of 4,300 euros had been expected, the state baths company ended the year with a loss of the same amount. However, this deficit was insignificant in view of the balance sheet total of 1.3 million euros, which is why the auditors had determined that the results of the annual financial statements were "approximately in line with the business plan". The shortfall will be taken from the company’s retained earnings, which currently amount to just under 740,400 euros.

The current situation of bad bocklet staatsbad gmbh as well as the current planning do not require any fundamental changes in the course of business, the managing director promised in his annual report. Therefore, it can be assumed that the respective subsidy amount will remain unchanged for the next three years. 120,000 euros per year from the state of bavaria, 250,000 euros from the municipality. Since the work of the municipality’s own employees, first and foremost the head of the town hall, thomas beck, in his function as managing director of the company, is billed at 70,000 euros between the municipality and staatsbad gmbh, the municipality only has to transfer 180,000 euros to the company.

"250,000 euros is a non-negligible contribution", mayor andreas sandwall (CSU) "but no comparison to other state baths". In addition, the value added from the spa industry as a whole should be evaluated, which could be as high as 20 million euros. "The 250 000 are therefore an economic demand that our community allows itself." Sandwall praised gmbh managing director thomas beck and all 17 employees, who "do everything to live up to the reputation of a state-owned baths and to further advance our state-owned baths". The state of bavaria has also assured him on several occasions "that the municipality runs the state baths in an exemplary manner".

Finally, the council again unanimously appointed RSB treuhand gmbh as auditor for the current fiscal year 2019. RSB treuhand is extremely helpful for the business operations of staatsbad und touristik gmbh, said managing director beck, explaining his proposal, as the auditors can provide valuable advice from their practical experience in other business sectors. Beck: "this is especially true for our doctor’s office and the grocery store."


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