Statement of the police puts an end to planned carport

The topic of building applications was not entirely unproblematic at the youngest city council meeting. Although the local politicians had no problems with the short-term inclusion of additional building applications on the agenda, rosina eckert (forum aktiv) asked that two preliminary building applications relating to the erection of company buildings in kleinwenkheim be deferred. The reason: the topic came up again in the non-public part and there were questions that had to be clarified first. This was a competitive situation, countered mayor helmut blank (CSU). The developer also has the option of moving to another municipality. However, the majority of the free voters, forum aktiv and SPD groups on that day was sufficient to remove the two items from the agenda. "Then it’s gone", helmut blank commented on the decision. However, it was theoretically possible to temporarily make the area non-public and to bring forward the point in question in the non-public section.

The city council then unanimously rejected a preliminary building application from fridritt. A homeowner wants to build a carport in front of his garage, which is only partly on his property. Eight square meters of the public footpath were also built over. For fubganger hour so at the narrowest point only a flat of 30 centimeters wide available. As a reason for the necessity of a carport, the applicant had cited extremely incident sun and pigeon droppings.

The administration had already inquired in advance at the district office of bad kissingen. From there, it was said that the project was in order from a building law point of view, if the city gave its consent.

However, the city had also inquired with the police inspection of bad kissingen. The officials emphatically reject the project. The already existing visual obstruction at this point was even strengthened.

Failure of the city

Among other things, it cannot be ruled out that vehicles parked under the carport protrude into the roadway. Ultimately, it was a failure on the part of the city not to set the storage space in front of the garage at a minimum of five meters. Pigeon droppings are annoying, but there are other ways to scare away the birds. And sunshine on the roof of the car is everywhere.

One already notices, at the erwahnung of the deaf ones, that here a neighbor dispute plays a role, said burgermeister helmut blank in addition. The project was rejected because of the opinion of the police.

The building application for the renovation of the martin house in maria bildhausen was unanimously approved by the municipality. Similar requests will follow because of the changes in the care law, said helmut blank. The city council also took a positive view of an application to demolish and rebuild a barn in munnerstadt’s maitalweg.

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