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Can you also be alone among neighbors? This was the question addressed by the project "erlangen tells". It goes

To find out, listen and make contacts, explains felicitas keefer, who works on behalf of "aktion mensch" leads the project and invites to the meetings at different places to always new topics.

On this afternoon, two protagonists talk about their experiences, which could not be more different: martin sanchez came to germany from argentina at the age of eleven, while ruth zilch comes from the ruhr area and moved to bavaria with her husband and two children in 1967, only learning there that she had actually landed in france.

Friendly neighbors

While in the ruhr area she could rely on grandma and grandpa to look after her children, here she was on her own. Fortunately, the neighbors were friendly and showed the young woman where the kindergarten, church and shopping facilities were located.

For sanchez, on the other hand, language was an additional obstacle. Since his great-grandmother was from germany, his mother spoke german with him until he was in school. But the beginning was not easy. After half a year in erlangen, he attended a grammar school as a guest student and changed classes again and again in the first few years. Luckily, neighbors had a son of the same age with whom he could make friends. He blamed the loneliness for his sadness on the weather.

Both stated that being alone can be a choice and that there were times when people had to be on their own. Loneliness, on the other hand, is what they experience when there is no one from whom help can be expected. "When you feel lonely, sometimes you have to put up with it", zilch is sure. Sanchez, on the other hand, relies on his own initiative: "I can’t always sit at home and wait for someone else to come along."

After the impulse of the two payers, the people at the tables quickly come into contact with each other and are soon engrossed in conversation.

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