Taliban vice chief killed in us drone strike

Taliban vice chief killed in us drone strike

The deputy chief of the pakistani taliban (TTP) was killed in a U.S. Drone attack in the border region with afghanistan. Wali ur rehman was among the six extremists killed in wednesday's rocket attack in the north waziristan tribal area, intelligence sources said. Ehsanullah ehsan, a spokesman for the TTP, confirmed the death of the taliban leader on thursday evening, withdrew a peace offer to the government and threatened new attacks on security forces.

Rehman was the deputy of hakimullah mehsud, who commands the tehrik-e-taliban pakistan, and led the TTP operations in the extremist stronghold of south waziristan. The USA had put a bounty of five million US dollars on his head.

Rehman considered more pragmatic and accessible than other taliban leaders. His death could jeopardize planned peace talks between the taliban and the newly elected government. The exact impact of his death is difficult to assess, said pakistani security expert hasan askari rizvi. "But for the taliban it is now difficult to start peace talks."

Power struggle possible
According to information from extremist circles, rehman's death may have triggered a power struggle in the ttp. The succession is controversial, it hailed. A council of elders in south waziristan has named a fighter named khan said – also known as sajjna – as rehman's successor. The central council of the taliban under the leadership of mehsud had instead voted in favor of noor said as the new deputy chief.

The pakistani government once again condemned the american drone strike as counterproductive and a violation of international law. Pakistan has long protested the use of U.S. Combat drones in the border area with afghanistan. The USA ignores the. U.S. President barack obama announced last week that he would tighten regulations on the controversial use of armed drones against suspected terrorists. But the use should still be possible.

It was the first U.S. Drone strike in pakistan since the parliamentary elections on 11 march. May. Election winner nawaz sharif – nominated by his muslim league PML-N for prime minister – critical of unmanned aerial vehicle attacks. Parliament meets for the first time this saturday. Sharif wants to talk to the TTP.


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