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Tarpaulins of the burkard bakery cause unrest in pommersfelden

tarpaulins of the burkard bakery cause unrest in pommersfelden

Backermeister robert burkard wants to make a second start and expand his headquarters in pommersfelden. The extension is to be built on the flat land behind his existing business – as he had already planned in 2013. A "baking factory but burkard says in response to a question from the FT that the extension is by no means intended to be a success.

For years, the bakery has been looking for expansion possibilities, the existing operation in pommersfelden has become too small. He has expanded 14 times in the meantime. "It’s all twisted and out of date", says the company boss. The expansion plans are on the agenda for today’s meeting of the municipal council. The opinions of authorities and burgers are to be dealt with.

Succession is assured

After the expansion plans had already met with fierce opposition from residents in 2013, burkard announced that he would relocate his business from pommersfelden to adelsdorf.

But nothing has happened there. The land went back to the municipality in 2018. "The time was not yet there", says the master baker. The construction in adelsdorf was also a financial question. In addition, his son has meanwhile completed his apprenticeship and is ready as his successor, so the continuation of the family business seems to be assured.

The pommersfelden industrial park near limbach is not an option. He first has to buy building land there that he already owns in pommersfelden. In addition, social rooms are already available at the old location, which the employees can continue to use. The extension is to be around 1800 square meters, says burkard. There, he wants to handle all work steps in one hall, including the delivery and loading of goods. The old bakery is converted into a warehouse. He has already had a worm and odor report drawn up. "I have no fear. I’m not doing anything wrong", says burkard.

But not everyone sees it that way. As in 2013, some residents and the castle owners are protesting against the extension. Noise, odor and delivery traffic: "these are facts that already exist", says resident melanie lohr. If the operation is expanded, this will become even more pronounced. "We are the most affected", she says.

Residents find it particularly incomprehensible that a new construction area is to be built not far from the planned expansion. The driveway for the factory is planned on this road, which leads to the school in pommersfelden, says lohr. "Wouldn’t it make more sense to childproof the road and plan an appropriate walkway for the little ones??", she asks.

Is a citizen’s petition coming??

Since hans beck (CSU) is only mayor for this term of office, he wanted to push through this construction by hook or by crook, despite all resistance, says lohr. Last week, residents gathered and decided to launch a citizens’ petition if necessary.

For angela nusser (burgerblock pommersfelden), municipal councilor and mayoral candidate for next year’s municipal elections, it is also clear that such a project does not fit into the future development of the town. "Do we want such a building in our beautiful pommersfelden??" She also explains that the development plan has been amended in the meantime, but the comments are still those from 2013.

The opinions of public authorities ("trager ofoffentlicher belange") ) and the public are to be dealt with at today’s meeting, says second mayor helmut schleicher (freie wahlergemeinschaft steppach). These are said to be statements from 2013 and new ones.

At that time, the municipality had involved the bamberg district office in its land-use planning for the bakery’s expansion plans. The district office had introduced demands into the urban land use planning process. "According to our information, the urban land use planning has been on hold since 2013.", says frank fortsch, press spokesman of the district office. If the demands made by the district office in 2013 were incorporated into the new development plan, the planning could be resumed. Then it comes to a second round of participation.

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