Tenant dispute leads uninvolved parties to court

Tenant dispute leads uninvolved parties to court

Actually it was supposed to be a visit at a friend’s house. However, since her landlord refused her access to the courtyard of the house in a village in the district of kitzingen, a young woman allegedly hit him with her car last summer. The man suffered a bruised knee. She was now on trial for the charge of negligent bodily injury.

The witnesses agreed that the 59-year-old landlord of the property stood in front of the defendant’s car on the friday evening in question, thus preventing her from accessing a parking space. He himself did not deny it either. How he came to the ground, however, could not be completely reconstructed even at the end of the trial. As it turned out later, the man was heavily intoxicated at the time of the crime.

Witnesses give contradictory testimony

Before the district court of kitzingen, the defendant claimed that she had not moved her vehicle after the dispute with the landlord. While one of the witnesses claims to have seen the defendant move her vehicle forward, others remembered that she drove backwards. The judge read out the testimony of the defendant’s acquaintance, who was not present as a witness at the trial.

The public prosecutor’s office was sure: there are different variations of the course of events. However, the witnesses agreed that the vehicle had moved, contrary to the defendant’s statement. Judge patricia finkenberger said that the majority of the witnesses heard were subject to a conflict of interest. Two of the witnesses were themselves tenants of the victim at the time of the crime and apparently had a difficult relationship with him. Two other witnesses did not make any statements about the course of events.

One problem with the story was that the occasion of it all was "a completely unjustified possession defense," the judge said. In the end, the court decided to dismiss the case in order not to impose unreasonable costs on the single mother.

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