Terrorist threat: this is how the police want to make our christmas markets safe

terrorist threat: this is how the police want to make our christmas markets safe

Cordons and a lot of police presence: security precautions are high again this year at the christmas markets in bavaria, which are starting soon, due to the ongoing terrorist threat. So at the nurnberger christkindlesmarkt again rough police vehicles will stand in front of the driveways.

In nurnberg, the market of the partner cities is also specially secured

As a reaction to the truck attack on the berlin christmas market last december, the market of nurnberg’s twin towns will be secured for the first time: a rough christmas tree will be placed in the driveway.

At the christkindlesmarkt in augsburg, mobile barriers will also be used – vehicles with a minimum weight of 1.5 tons will be set up on all access roads. Unlike the oktoberfest, the munich christkindlmarkt around marienplatz will have neither a fence nor admission controls.

SMS warning system for nurnberg market people

In nurnberg, as in the previous year, all market people will be included in an SMS distribution list. In the event of a storm, pickpockets or other dangerous situations, everyone could be warned at the same time via sms, explained the head of the mayor’s office, christine schubler. An emergency power generator ensures that the loudspeaker system and lighting continue to function even in the event of a power failure. While nurnberg does without video surveillance, the city of munich wants to keep an eye on the goings-on at its christmas market with cameras.

Safety gap at carriage closed

In nurnberg, the carriage that takes guests from the christkindlesmarkt through the old town has to take a new route this year in order to close a security gap: last year, police vehicles always had to pull away briefly when the carriage entered. With the new route guidance, this can be reduced to a minimum, said schubler.

Nurnberg has chosen its new christ child
in munich, nurnberg and augsburg the police wants to be strongly present. Bag checks are possible. All three cities use their own personnel or security companies in addition. In nurnberg, as in previous years, the booths are also guarded at night.

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