That’s why the hammelburg mobile home park is popular

That's why the hammelburg mobile home park is popular

Ursula and peter schmidt from egelsbach in hesse make regular stops on the pale grass in their mobile home. And she has been doing this for ten years now. Because that's how long the parking spaces for motorhomes have already existed.

The idea itself, however, is old. Karlheinz franz had already suggested a parking space to the city in the 1990s. "With the parking lot on the bleichrasen, the basic infrastructure was in place", says franz. The only things missing were water and electricity supply and disposal facilities.

It took a few years before the town decided to expand the site. In the spring of 2003, however, things moved quickly. "After 14 days the site was ready. The first vehicle was there on thursday", explains franz. He emphasizes the support of the municipal utility and the building yard. The site was not officially opened until 2004, after further equipment such as the ticket machine or the tourist information board had completed the infrastructure.

Site gets good ratings
As franz reports, it didn't take very long "until more and more motorhomers were heading for the site on the saale". The motorhome magazine "promobil hammelburg was given a special mention in issue 9/2004 very good critique. In contrast to bad kissingen, by the way: the tester rated the spa town as "last in line".

There is one feature in particular that campers appreciate about the hammelburg site: the proximity to town. "It's not far to go shopping", says ursula schmidt. The cellar castle in the ruecken also offers a unique backdrop. If you like canoeing, like the pensioner couple from egelsbach, you'll find a landing stage right on the bleichrasen lawn. For peter schmidt, who has been traveling by motorhome for more than 20 years, another aspect plays a role: "the site in hammelburg is just right. We don't like sites with super comforts. Because it is important that the prices are moderate when you travel several times a year", says the 77-year-old.

Nevertheless, the town wants to improve the site. The toilet block is to be replaced by a new building that will also provide showers. Franz sees this not only as another plus for the motorhome enthusiasts. He also thinks about the boat or bicycle hikers who arrive at the bleichrasen. He calls it urgent to have a proper alternative with disposal and electricity stations for the time when the pale grass is occupied – as for example during the folk festival.

Franz, himself a motorhome enthusiast, got together with others in 2003 to form the hammelburg motorhome regulars' table. Today's 200 or so members come from the region, the neighboring counties and sometimes from further afield. It is a loose association. One of the most committed, however, is anton schmitt from burkardroth, for example.

The stammtischler meet monthly. They exchange information about worthwhile travel destinations, technical and legal innovations. From april to october, the motorhome fans go on trips together. They advertise for hammelburg and its site on them. The tenth anniversary will therefore be celebrated internally. Originally a meeting was planned for campers from all over germany. But this failed due to the lack of support from the hammelburg business community. The city, on the other hand, appreciates the value of the parking space.


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