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“The bachelorette” is looking for the man of her life

So far she hasn’t met the right man – now former "germany’s next topmodel" contestant gerda lewis wants to find her happiness on RTL. The 26-year-old is "the bachelorette" and will be starting wednesday (17. July, 20.15 p.M.) go in search of a man.

20 singles try to conquer the heart of the blonde fitness model in the coming weeks. The manner was not allowed to be bored, lewis announced in the RTL interview: she is spirited and assertive. That’s why there’s one thing the chosen one certainly can’t be: a henpecked hero.

In the flirt show "the bachelorette" a single woman gives roses every week to the participants who still interest her. If you don’t get one, you have to go – a little drama is a must. In a villa near athens, gerda lewis meets the candidates – in front of the camera. And in case of doubt, in front of an audience of millions on tv.

Gerda lewis doesn’t think it’s impossible to find the right man this way. After all, she has the opportunity to get to know the men intensively for two months. "I absolutely do not like machos," the lithuanian-born woman makes clear. And she doesn’t think much of full beards either. Otherwise, the styling of the guys is not so important to her: whether hipster look, jogging pants or jacket – she is not so strict about that.

On another subject, the young woman who came 17th in last year’s "germany’s next top model". She’s less flexible: she’s determined to have children, preferably twins – and not in the too distant future. That’s why the partner should not be opposed to the idea.

In the interview, she is full of the joys of life: "things can get turbulent with me, because I know what I want," she announces. That’s why a man should also have thick skin and be self-confident. Sending candidates home during the show, however, may have been difficult for her. She suffers with someone when she hurts them, she says.

Handing out roses to the men they wanted to get to know even closer is considered the emotional highlight of the show every week. On dates in intimate togetherness, lewis can flirt with the men and put them on the spot. Among the TV cavaliers are students, a sports therapist, a policeman, a furnishing consultant, a business economist and a basketball player.

Four of the candidates have the chance to introduce their family to the young woman. The two finalists were then allowed to meet the mother of their dream woman. And, as lewis has revealed, she soon wants grandchildren.

It remains to be seen whether the sixth season of the "kuppelshow" will be well received by the public. The 2017 finale was watched by around 3 million viewers, in 2018 a good 2 million watched when "the bachelorette" gave out her last rose.


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