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The benefits of autonomous driving

The benefits of autonomous driving

Chairs had to be eagerly brought in for the large audience before mayoral candidate sabine hanisch introduced the guests from the CSU herzogenaurach, namely jurgen bortolazzi from the porsche company and helge C. Brixner, managing director of arf gmbh, could bury.

At the invitation of the CSU local association, bortolazzi shed light on the state of development of autonomous driving from the perspective of a major automotive company such as porsche AG, which is part of the VW group. He noted that the companies have now moved from the euphoria of the initial phase to the phase of consolidation: alliances have been formed in the automotive sector to meet these technical and financial challenges and to survive on the market.

There are still many hurdles

Until autonomous driving, including driverless driving, is possible, numerous hurdles such as a comprehensive 5-G network, legal issues such as licensing, economic questions and social acceptance will have to be clarified in addition to the technical questions, which were also explained to the technical layman.

It was also mentioned that competitors from china have advantages in terms of location (state-ordered acceptance, data takeover, approvals) due to the authoritarian structures. Nevertheless, bortolazzi was confident that in the near future the benefits of autonomous driving, such as mobility into old age, resource conservation and safer, less accident-prone driving, could also be enjoyed in germany.

Soon to be google?

Helge brixner addressed this complex issue from the point of view of the municipalities and the state administration, which brixner supports with his consulting firm in such projects: he explained what infrastructure is needed for this, but also that it will be a challenge for the public sector to retain sovereignty over traffic decisions. It is a question of the future whether "the building and traffic committee of a municipality still prescribes one-way streets or whether google does it automatically in order to increase the capacity of the streets."

There are indeed calculations that the capacity of one-way streets in metropolitan areas could be increased fivefold as soon as autonomous driving becomes the standard. Together with bortolazzi, brixner also addressed the networking of traffic: this includes automatically networked shuttles to major rail routes, but also fully automated parking management that responds flexibly to cars looking for a parking space "as soon as they enter the city react.

The subsequent discussion, led by sabine hanisch, focused on data security issues and the costs of autonomous driving, as well as the demands on a small town like herzogenaurach. Sabine hanisch noted in particular that it is important for herzogenaurach to adapt to such developments. The traffic of the future will have to be controlled digitally and the citizens will have to be offered the most flexible possible range of individual and public local transport. "For large parts of us, it will not be a question of whether we use cars, bicycles or buses and trains, but rather the key to success will lie in the best possible networking of transport systems.".

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