The construction projects will continue in 2020

2019 will go down in the history of the market town of wirsberg as a year of construction work. As mayor hermann anselstetter (SPD) noted at the final meeting, after years of consultation and planning, in the last twelve months the building trades had the upper hand: "and that will remain the case in 2020 as well. While in 2019 the infrastructure projects of kindergarten expansion, burgerzentrum, medical center with excavation facilities, school renovation and road repairs dominated construction activity, in 2020 the new buildings of norma, sparkasse and himmelkroner heime will form the investment projects worth millions of euros." With these construction projects, the market wants to make the quality of life in wirsberg fit for the future.

Currently, 1898 residents are registered in the market town, compared to 1923 the previous year. With the status of "asylum seeker there is currently a family of eight living in the village, and 33 recognized refugees also live here. Construction work is in full swing on the new building at the herbert kneitz kindergarten to expand the daycare center to include a kindergarten group, a daycare group and an after-school care group, as well as function rooms and a passenger elevator.

Work on the construction of the burgerzentrum on the market square with barrier-free access to the st. St. John’s church and renovation of a former farmer’s barn with estimated construction costs of 4,500,000 euros are also in full swing. They are scheduled to be completed, including the eaves, by the spring of 2021.

With the acquisition of the two residential buildings herbert-kneitz-strabe 14 and 18, the city council has made an important decision for the urban development of the area around the daycare center, the medical center, the city hall and the fire department building. The house herbert-kneitz-strabe 18 is currently used as a temporary shelter. The future of the two houses is still under discussion, according to mayor anselstetter.

The market town council supports a new initiative by residents for noise protection measures on the B 303.

For the redefinition of the water protection area of the deep well wirsberg the official application was submitted. Mayor hermann anselstetter: "on this basis, the necessary water rights procedure will now be carried out. To secure the future of the water supply, a demand plan was commissioned at the last meeting in order to implement targeted improvements."

Since mid july 2019 wirsberg is also on facebook. The mayor commented: "perhaps some people are asking themselves whether this is necessary?" To reach the half of the burger. The still "young site already has more than 200 followers, i.E. Subscribers.

In terms of finances, a record budget of 9,159,490 euros had to be processed due to the cost-intensive construction projects in this budget year. "But all the measures could only be taken because the municipality has a solid financial foundation."

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