The future is post-operation and dismantling

The future is post-operation and dismantling

The days of the grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant are over. On 31. December 2015 will be the last time electricity will be produced, after which the plant will be shut down. It is clear that the more than 500 employees of the power plant are following the development with mixed feelings. The end of electricity production does not mean the complete end of operations. A nuclear power plant can't just be wiped out like that. But what happens next for the employees also depends on whether the power plant is dismantled at the start of post-operation, or whether it is safely sealed off for about 30 years. Both are possible under the atomic energy act.

Ten years for reconstruction

In the former case, the jerk construction, a large part of the workforce could still be employed for a few more years. Such a jolt lasts around ten years. If the decision is made in favor of safe containment, the power plant will be put into a kind of hibernation for about 30 years. Most jobs were then eliminated, explains bernd gulich, press spokesman for the power plant. So there are hardly any prospects for the younger power plant employees. Young people in particular are therefore already looking around for alternatives. Only those over 50 no longer have to worry about the big picture. Because at the end of the downsizing period, most of the employees are about to retire anyway.

300 billion kilowatt hours

For the still relatively young press spokesman bernd gulich, this is not a perspective. Although alternatives are possible within the group, this is of little help if you have dedicated yourself wholeheartedly to your previous job. "It hurts when the end is so foreseeable."

Good work has been and is being done in grafenrheinfeld. In march, the power plant became the third in the world to surpass 300 billion kilowatt hours of electricity generated. With this amount of electricity, grafenrheinfeld currently has a share of about 15 percent of the total electricity production in bavaria and thus covers a rough part of the basic supply.

Numbers that no longer matter. Because nuclear power no longer plays a role in energy supply. Are we now going to see the dismantling or the safe enclosure in grafenrheinfeld?? "This decision will be made in the post-operational phase," explains gulich. He admits, however, that personally he would prefer the reconstruction. Not least because a large proportion of the existing workforce could then continue to be employed.

It remains questionable how the teaching profession. 1345 megawatts of base-load electricity from grafenrheinfeld to be replaced by january 2016. For power plant manager reinhold scheuring, this is only feasible if the expansion of the grid is accompanied by sufficient conventional capacity and more energy storage facilities.

His concern: frequency fluctuations or short power interruptions in the millisecond range – which are not even noticed by the private customer – could lead to considerable problems in the industry. This grid stability has been very strained since the older nuclear power plants were shut down, says scheuring. To prevent outages, the power plant manager can imagine building new gas and coal-fired power plants. Also biomass could be used to a small extent for base load supply.

Electricity from grafenrheinfeld could then continue to be available, a gas-fired power plant was built at the grafenrheinfeld site. A solution that the land rates in the region in particular could well imagine. The bavarian state government, however, currently favors other locations, for example dettelbach. No matter where, an investor has not yet been found anyway. Because gas-fired power plants are only to be used if not enough electricity can be produced with the help of renewable energies. It is no longer economically interesting.

When the cow towers will fall?

Now the citizens of grafenrheinfeld are hoping that the giant cow towers, which currently dominate the main valley, will also be torn down in the event of the jerk construction. Nothing could make the end of the peaceful use of nuclear power in franconia more clear.

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