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The new play tower is coming

the new play tower is coming

Breitbrunn – broadband expansion to begin in the next few weeks. Mayor gertrud buhl presented the exact route of the fiber optic cables in the municipal area at the july meeting. Mostly they are located on the edge of the main roads. The empty pipes are already in place, so the cost, especially in terms of time, is manageable. The fast internet was then still allowed to be available this year.
However, the five telecom switchboards located in all parts of the city are getting too small. The beige plastic barriers must be replaced by newer ones that are about twice as coarse. Not a pretty sight, many councillors thought, but necessary because of the important new technology. Councillor christine kuchenmeister suggested that they be spared, for example, as part of an action for the youth, if the telecom agrees. This proposal received much approval.

Money is available
Another point was the topic of playgrounds. During the inspection tour in the spring, an interested group of people from municipal councils and representatives of supporting associations got an exact picture of what needs to be done on the individual playgrounds and how urgently action is needed. In the budget, the council then set money for playground equipment and fences already for the coming year 2016.
Now the mayor has received a good offer for a combined play and slide tower, which the council immediately approved on thursday. It is to be erected at the playground in utzstrabe and replace the wooden tower there, which is already partially rotten.

Horse pension can come
All building applications were approved unanimously. The planned conversion of the former hermannsberg estate into a horse boarding facility is also part of the case. A couple bought the property in 2012 and plans to create housing for 25 animals. There are also large runs behind the building to the east out into the corridor, storage facilities for feed and straw, a riding arena and a rider's lodge for boarding horse owners and guests interested in horses. Even local councillor thomas bendner, who as a young man was initially critical of the idea, as he himself said, now agreed enthusiastically. "I have since convinced myself that this is something good in this situation", he emphasized.


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