The pride in craftsmanship has remained

They devote themselves to their craft with enthusiasm and are filled with pride, especially because of the anniversary that the rommelt bakery and confectionery on the market square is celebrating this year: 120 years.

"We have been baking for almost 120 years according to our own and old recipes and use only home-grown and sour doughs", says the 55-year-old baker, tells 55-year-old master baker and confectioner klaus rommelt. 120 years ago, his great-grandfather johann rommelt bought the property at number 35 on the market square; he had previously sold the farm in dondorflein.

Once 13 bakers in herzogenaurach

Johann rommelt was one of 13 backers in herzogenaurach, the store was rather small and not comparable with today's conditions. In the early days, there was only one type of bread and weggli. Naturally, in the course of time, the appearance of the store changed and even a small cafe was established.

Klaus rommelt and his late father hans rommelt, who in turn had taken over the business from his father ludwig, then set the course for expansion. The number of bakeries in the city decreased, but the range of products was constantly expanded because the demand for unusual products also increased.

Klaus rommelt has known the business since he was a child: "when i was five and six years old, i helped my mother clear up the store early on, and everything was much more cozy than it is today", he recounts in retrospect. In 1994, klaus rommelt took over the store from his father hans, including the renovated cafe, and in the last few years there have been further major investments in the bakery, store and garden. This is how "der rommelt" became as he is known in herzogenaurach, has become a popular meeting place. Klaus rommelt's sons michael (18 years old) and stefan (26) are actively assisting him, they form the fifth generation of the baking family.

The election-o-mat was well received

Those who know klaus rommelt and his products know that he and his crew are always very creative and that new products are always offered in the store. For example, there was a "sub election-o-mat" for the TV duel between chancellor angela merkel and her challenger martin schulz during the federal election, the idea was very well received by the customers.

In spite of the always new creations, the tradition is kept and traditional sourdough bread is baked as well as the popular "butterhornli", today's croissants to be called.

For its bread and especially the frankenlaib, the bakery has already received several awards, which is why the kilo costs only 120 cents for the jubilee. Klaus rommelt attaches great importance to the fact that everything in the bakery is produced without finished products and chemicals. "It's a great thing when a few good products are used to make something that people like, he paid son michel. Who not only likes to stand in the bakery, but also, together with his brother stefan and father klaus, always comes up with something new that is accepted by the customers.

Searching for the super-grandma

Michael is joined in the bakery by nine employees, including four apprentices and one pastry chef. Klaus rommelt also has two refugees in his team, an afghan and a young syrian, and he is very satisfied with their work. Seven employees work in sales, the cafe and the kitchen, managed by susi kluge.

The boss would like to hire more people "but it's not so easy to find someone", he says a bit resignedly. He is also on the lookout for a "super-oma" with old recipes he was happy to bake with her. Elementary school students in the first and second grades can look forward to baking, because they will be invited to "children's baking" invited.

The year is marked by the anniversary, says klaus rommelt, so the easter bunny hides 120 golden eggs on saturday, in which vouchers for prizes worth a total of 1000 euros are hidden. Actions and events around the "120" theme will continue until the fall and in the autumn a rough celebration with livemusik rises.

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