The walberla river comes back to life

When rehearsals for the 2020 play "omnipotence" were in full swing at the beginning of march, the actors of the walberla stage could not yet imagine that two weeks later the performances would be canceled and social life would be paralyzed. As with many associations, activities were scaled down to zero.

On 28. July 2020, this year’s annual general meeting of the theater association took place in the spacious clubhouse of TSV kirchehrenbach. Even if some clubs have cancelled their annual general meeting 2020 due to the covid19 issue, the board of the walberla bohne agreed that the meeting is necessary: on the one hand, to slowly get the engine of the club going again, on the other hand, to draw a line behind this season and start with new energy. 1. Board member oliver hieber started the meeting by asking the members present to act in a common sense manner with regard to contagion and hygiene, so as not to create a new hotspot. He also thanked the municipality of kirchehrenbach for providing disinfectant for the kirchehrenbach associations.

Even though there were no performances in 2020, the walberla groyne has not been idle since the last annual general meeting. Apart from the donation to the animal shelter in forchheim and the participation in the festival of the associations, the highlight off stage was the participation in the walburga operation in september 2019, in which six actors mimed injured people. In addition, actors were involved in october in the disaster control execution in hirschaid and in an alarm execution of the fire department kirchehrenbach. In december the walberla-buhne took part in the rescue-sanitater-final-call of the red cross on castle feuerstein with two actors. Also in december, two theater children performed a sketch at the community’s christmas party for seniors. In the corona-beginning time also the cap evening took place together with the music club kirchehrenbach. In the middle of march, after consultation with the public order office of forchheim, the performances were canceled or cancelled. Postponed to 2021.

Although the income this year has been eliminated with the performances, the walberla stage will nevertheless again make a donation for a good cause. In comparison to many other associations, which depend on the presence at larger commercial events in order to earn money, the theater association has been able to access financial reserves and thus also make donations due to its successful budget management in recent years. This confirmed also the cash report.

Mayor anja gebhardt sent greetings from the community and praised the use of the walberla stage in rescue operations, as it does valuable work and allows the rescue organizations to prepare for emergencies.

With the cautious restart of the theater regulars’ table from august and an excursion to the kellerwald in forchheim replacing this year’s theater excursion to trebgast, the activities of the walberla stage are slowly getting back on track. All naturally with covid19, hygienemabnahmen and distance compliance in mind. Even though no one can yet say how corona will develop and how theater performances will be able to take place in 2021, the next performances will be planned with motivation from the fall onwards.

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