The words fly at the poetry slam in Habfurt

The words fly at the poetry slam in habfurt

The poetry slam in habfurt celebrated a small jubilee this weekend. For the tenth time, the library and information center’s (biz) wordy event took place in the "silverfish" at the school center.

The well-known moderator and slammer christian ritter had been able to engage five participants from all over germany thanks to his large network. "A gift, love and recognition" knight humorously promised the winner of the evening. Maron fuchs from bamberg, felin schnee from munich, veronika rieger and luise kommaklar from berlin and xaver wienerroither from the austrian capital vienna took part in the event.

This time, too, there was a participant from the home district who took part on the so-called open list. Anyone who wants to recite a text they have written themselves, be it humorous or profound, can apply here. The fictional story that kiki tabiri from zeil told the audience told of her thailand vacation, during which she became the owner of a noodle soup kitchen and had success as a karaoke singer. The young woman from berlin, who has lived in the half-timbered town on the river main for 15 years, spontaneously decided to take part in the competition.

Normally the former professional hanger, from whose time her interesting artist name originates, spends the winter regularly in thailand, there she was also inspired to write her text, which is only a part of a bigger story. In spite of the great applause, it was not possible to take part in the finale, but who knows, maybe we will soon be able to see the election-writer again as an author. Kiki tabiri is currently attending the writing school of a bestselling author, where she is learning how to write the perfect novel.

The first time ever was david rubenbauer from rugheim at the habfurt poetry slam. The 17 year old only knew such events from internet videos before, but was thrilled by the professional organization and the varied contributions. His friend sina hahn from obertheres was already some time ago a guest in the "silver fish" at the word-spectacle and also animated her friend to sign up when five people were wanted for the audience jury.

Equipped with a board, similar to that used in dance competitions, david rubenbauer was then allowed to help judge the individual performances. With a one as the worst score and a 9.5 as the best, he influenced the outcome of the slam. "It was a great evening and was a lot of fun. I will be back, I promise!", the trainee summed up his impression.

In the final, veronika rieger, luise kommaklar and xaver wienerroither stood on the stage. Veronika rieger narrowly prevailed as the winner with her text "chess, politics, love, family and the world" the spectators were enthusiastic. Here, she recounted her relationship with her grandfather and their shared chess game from different age perspectives, from elementary school child to young woman. As a small token of appreciation, the likeable berlin native received a three-liter bottle of french beer.

Sylvia buttner, the manager of the biz shelter at the "silberfisch, the all-day care building at the school center, was proud that the poetry slam has already been successfully organized for so long. It was thanks to her idea that there is such an event in habfurt, which is usually held in university towns.


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