There is still time for readjustment

To the article "new citybus with its own route" from 30. June: regarding the new bus route through the city, i have a concern that one or the other passenger of the current citybus shares with me. At the kreuzberg, the area around the inner ring is no longer served. Passengers u. A. From the fehnstrabe, kaulangerstrabe respectively. Jakob-degen-strabe must now take a not exactly short fubweg in purchase, either to the ruppenweg or to the new stop kreuzbergstrabe/auberer ring. For people with limited mobility this is very difficult. I, a user of the city bus since its introduction in the 1970s, know some (still) passengers who will no longer use this city bus then. A lot of goods, possibly. After the stop kreuzbergstrabe/auberer ring to go to the inner ring, via the kindergarten back to the planned route towards crana mare. This was justifiable. Just think, after visiting the consumer markets, you also have to transport your shopping home. On the other hand, i dislike the omission of the stops in the settlement (neues altenheim) and in the lower town (marienplatz/nikolaus-zitter-strabe). There is still time until august, maybe something can be readjusted. The castles will certainly honor it with the use. 

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