This is how the candidates want to prevent the shortage of doctors

This is how the candidates want to prevent the shortage of doctors

The fact that the town of wallenfels actively helped a doctor find practice space was seen positively by the candidates. "Local politicians all over the country are trying to create incentives", ralf pohl stated that he fully understands the procedure.

Jurgen baumgartner emphasized that the CSU wants to pull out all the stops to attract young doctors to the region, because "we are not yet a shortage area, but we will become one!"

The attractiveness of the region in the "soft facts" area bjorn cukrowski and sebastian herter wanted to increase the number of doctors and seek cooperation with nearby (university) hospitals in order to create incentives for young or prospective doctors to settle in the local region.

"The mayor in wallenfels got it exactly right. Medical care is too important, we have to act now!", highlighted stefan betz, who shared thomas muller's opinion that the jungle of bureaucracy in the medical field is far too dense to make the medical profession attractive. Muller also spoke in favor of setting the course to prevent a concentration of medical practices in the centers (quota regulation for students who go to the rural area; change of the so-called KV-areas for the calculation of demand).


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