Three year old boy in neuenmarkt knocked out

Three year old boy in neuenmarkt knocked out

According to a police report, residents in neuenmarkt noticed a young boy walking unaccompanied in the direction of the main street at around 9:20 on sunday morning. When the "finders" when they were unable to find an adult in the foreseeable future, they contacted the police a short time later.

Although the boy refused to give his name and address in response to concerned inquiries, his address was found with the help of the residents. Later it turned out that the boy’s mother was at work and therefore could not stop her little one from his daring but seemingly carefree exploratory tour.

The fact that his stepfather was with him in the early hours of the morning, but fell asleep again, exhausted by the mud, came in handy for the little drifter. The enterprising child opened the locked apartment door on his own and left without his stepfather noticing. Unfortunately, he has not yet revealed where he was going and what his destination was.


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