Through moors and gorges to the highest peaks

Through moors and gorges to the highest peaks

Starting and ending point of the 18-kilometer-long "extratour rotes moor" circular trail is the parking lot "moordorf between bischofsheim and wustensachsen, where the house on the red moor also offers a place to stop for refreshments.

To look over the moor

The hiker now crosses the federal highway B278 to reach the red moor. After the artificially dammed moor pond, which covers the wounds of peat cutting and provides the moor with vital moisture again, the hiker reaches the oak plank path, which, peppered with all kinds of information about the moor, leads to a lookout tower. From this point the visitor has a view of the moor and the heidelstein behind it on the long rhon, which will be reached later in the course of the hike.

But first the path turns west and dives into the hollow, picturesque valley of the feldbach, better known as the "kaskadenschlucht" (cascade gorge). After crossing the gorge, the path climbs again to the north at its end and leads to the mathesberg, which offers good views of the wasserkuppe and the ulster valley.

Up to the heidelstein

Finally, the tour enters the forest and leads the hiker to the ulster spring at the kesselrain, and then, passing the alternative parking lot at the schornhecke, steadily uphill to the heidelstein, where the hiker has reached the highest point of the tour at over 920 meters. After short descent is already the starting point in sight.

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