Todt’s poor record at hhsv: “we always question ourselves”

Todt's poor record at hhsv: 'we always question ourselves'

There are currently more pleasant jobs in the bundesliga than being sports director at hamburger SV. For a year now, jens todt has been trying his hand at the task of restoring the traditional club to its former glory.

But if you look at the bare figures, the balance sheet looks disappointing. January 2017, HSV was ranked 16th; twelve months later, the club is 17th. – and once again it’s a matter of sporting survival.

"When you’re at the bottom of the league with 15 points after 19 matchdays, some mistakes have been made. That’s not a question at all," admits the 48-year-old. "We always question ourselves: what is right?? What was wrong? What we could have done better? What were the funds available to us? We are very critical of ourselves."

However, the conditions for the former national player are not easy either. HSV fubball AG is burdened with liabilities of 105.5 million euros. In addition, the hamburgers have an investor in klaus-michael kuhne, who is always happy to cause trouble with his changes. Furthermore, HSV is confronted with a critical public and exaggerated expectations.

However, todt and chief executive heribert bruchhagen have first drawn the consequences of the crisis in the usual place: after the leave of absence of coach markus gisdol, bernd hollerbach is now to prevent the first relegation of the bundesliga foundation member. If this doesn’t work out, it will hardly be attributed to the ex-professional of HSV. Then todt comes in for even more criticism.

Above all, he has still not been able to present any strengthening during the winter break. The competition is better off, as HSV experienced last saturday, when sturmer-schnappchen simon terodde for his new club 1. FC koln scored both goals in 2-0 win over hamburger. "We are exploring the market very intensively and are not inactive," todt assured at hollerbach’s presentation this week.

Last year, margim mavraj, kyriakos papadopoulos and walace, among others, arrived thanks to the kuhne millions. Otherwise, HSV would have been relegated according to bruchhagen’s firm conviction. But these transfers were also initiated by ex-chief executive officer dietmar beiersdorfer. For the time being, hollerbach will have to make do with the squad with which his predecessor failed to turn things around until saturday’s game at RB leipzig.

For the former bundesliga professional todt, the position of sports director is the first in this function in the first division. League. He previously held the same post at the then second-division club karlsruher SC and formed a team that only failed to win promotion to the league in 2015 in the relegation round against HSV. A year ago, bruchhagen said he had "the certain feeling that jens todt would be a very good fit because of his vita" when he made the appointment.

Todt was not completely unfamiliar with the difficult terrain of hamburg. In 2009, after only one year as head of junior staff, he quit because of differences with the then HSV chairman bernd hoffmann. Hoffmann is now applying on 18. February for the position of president of the entire club and, if successful, was moved to the supervisory board of fubball AG. Whether this will make todt’s work more pleasant is questionable.


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