Too many hours are lost

Too many hours are lost

There were lively discussions at the SPD’s education policy meeting in habfurt. Several teachers spoke with state legislators kathi petersen and martin gull, as well as state parliament candidate rene van eckert and district councilor bernhard rub about education.

Too few teachers, too many dropped hours – it’s a major problem. It is a key element of everyday school life, even at vocational schools, said martin gull, chairman of the committee for education and culture in the bavarian state parliament. Petersen and gull calculated that there would be enough teachers to pay for it. "There is also enough money. The only question is what to focus on", EDITED BY BERNARD RUB.

Example sand: municipality pays

He used the example of sand to show how a municipality, as a purely technical contractor, now organizes and finances child education and child care "because the state doesn’t do it" – on friday afternoons, for example, when the bound all-day school only runs until noon. The educational benefits of all-day schooling will be lost if the hours are no longer available to meet the individual needs of the children. "The mobile reserve is already firmly scheduled shortly after the start of school due to long-term sickness", said kathi petersen.

Teaching profession no longer attractive

This overloading of the system is just one reason why teaching in elementary and middle schools is no longer attractive. All pedagogical professions urgently needed to be upgraded, said rub. The entire system will have to be changed.

In 2010, the SPD had presented a concept with a common ten-year school period that had saved almost all school locations. This has been rejected out of hand. The waldorf school shows that the system of joint schooling works, explained its managing director, anette achilles.

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