“Triumvirate” takes the reins in ebern

The jesters are already shaking their booties. On 11.11. The cultural ring starts the "fifth" with the carnival revelation season. The town hall is stormed and turned into a "temple of fools" transformed, promises cultural ring chairman eberhard wohl.

Mayor robert herrmann (CSU) will then become the "last" mayor times of probably and the remaining members of the elferrat into the "temporary" retirement" before he finally vacates the chair in the town hall after the municipal elections. The "eberner schorschla" and the "bellman will take custody of the rathausschlussel and the city treasury.

New butt speaker
Further high points are to be reached at the "power transfer" as always at 11 a.M.11 o'clock takes place. So the heubacher gardemadchen show their new gardetanz and elferrats-prasident probably will gloss in a foolish prologue the city happening.

The moreover some honors stand again on. Persons, who made themselves merited around the eberner carnival, are considered with the eberner fool order.

A carnival quiz is not to be missing, promises the cultural ring chairman, who announces some further surprises. Thus a new buttenredner had found itself, which wants to celebrate its einstand. The new carnival motto is also announced. Stefan wolfschmitt creates the right atmosphere with his "quetschen". The old "hares from the fruit and horticulture association heubach serve a first sausage breakfast.

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