Un criticizes israel over gaza violence

un criticizes israel over gaza violence

Despite strong protests from the U.S., the UN general assembly has passed a resolution calling on israel to stop violence against palastinian demonstrators in the gaza strip.

120 countries voted in favor of the non-binding resolution at the meeting in new york on wednesday (local time), 8 against and 45 abstained.

A last-minute U.S. Amendment to the resolution criticizing the radical islamic palestinian organization hamas failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority of the 193 UN member states.

The adopted resolution deplores israel’s "excessive, disproportionate and ruthless violence" against the palastinians. The firing of rockets from the gaza strip is also condemned, but hamas is not explicitly mentioned. The resolution, which like all UN general assembly resolutions is not legally binding, also asks UN secretary-general antonio guterres to propose ways to improve the security of the palastinians, such as a possible UN protection mission.

The vote in the general assembly followed a recent security council session in which the U.S. Blocked a similar draft resolution. The session in the full assembly was held at the request of palastina, which was recognized as a UN observer state in 2012.

U.S. Ambassador nikki haley called the resolution brought by arab states "completely one-sided". Their passing reflects the "morally bankrupt judgment that the youngest violence in the gaza strip is israel’s fault alone".

There have been repeated violent clashes at the gaza border in recent weeks and months. Since the end of march, more than 120 people have been killed there by israeli soldiers, according to palastinians. Thousands injured.


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