Unlucky people get a car in neundorf

unlucky people get a car in neundorf

Dieter weghorn had to show a lot of humor on sunday. It was one of the main figures of the parade at the neundorf kerwa, and those who have achieved the dubious honor of having their own kerwash wagon usually don’t have to worry about the ridicule anymore. "Even reingflung" the local lads had titled weghorn’s story about a fishing trip in which the unlucky lad twice ended up with his fishing rod in the mud or in the water. Landed in the water. "And the moral of the story, don’t swim with the fishes."
These and other anecdotes from village life were recreated by the young people of neundorf on their colorfully decorated floats, and they were available to read in the "neidorfer kerwasbledla". In addition, one of the local boys dressed as a kerwwassau accompanied the procession, which is supposed to scare the spectators, but is symbolically buried in a trough next to the kerwabaum at the end.
The church days in neundorf were full of variety. While the weather alternated between sunshine and rain, the organizers of the fire department and the local boys in the "neidorfer stodl a colorful musical mix. The kirchweih was opened on friday with roland bittel and on saturday the duo "klaus&meggi" took care of the entertainment for a full house and pure atmosphere. The evening was rounded off by the "rohrer spatz" solo entertainer the monday morning pint, which lasted until early afternoon.
But the people of neundorf don’t just celebrate, they also maintain traditions like putting up trees. The 28-meter tree was quickly brought into the upright position on saturday. The 18 local boys had energetic support from the local residents and former local boys. The tree was cut as every year in the community forest.


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