Vacation atmosphere in paradise

Vacation atmosphere in paradise

Everything is connected: the wine, the soil, the water, the history and the buildings: lydia fischer knows how to do this like no other. For almost 20 years, she has been guiding guests through seinsheim and the surrounding area.

Iphofen, volkach, rodelsee, sommerach: the list of well-known wine towns in the district of kitzingen could be continued at will. The southern steigerwald was a tourist no-man’s land for a long time. This changed at the beginning of the millennium. Since then, the area has been operating under the name "wine paradise franconia" and is being marketed supraregionally.

"Most guests come from all over franconia, but we also have buses here from the stuttgart or augsburg area," says lydia fischer. Above bullenheim and seinsheim, visitors at the weinparadiesscheune enjoyed local wines and far-reaching views of the french countryside. In seinsheim, the guest guide leads us through a place that has much more to offer than meets the eye. For example, a church that is built entirely on wine cellars. Or 42 religious monuments.

Tourist upswing

"All of a sudden, mayors and municipal councils were working together," fischer recalls at the turn of the millennium. The result: an upswing in tourism and the search for competent personnel. In 2001, she was asked by mayor heinz dorsch whether she could imagine a professional life as a guest guide and contact person for tourists. The children were out of the woods, she did not want to return to her old job as a businesswoman, and she had plenty of knowledge about the town. Lydia fischer said yes – and has not regretted this decision to this day.

A few hundred people have since then been taken year after year through their hometown or to the surrounding vineyards. There is no shortage of offers for entertaining tours: there is a tree horoscope trail, a wayside shrine trail, cultural history hikes on the bullenheimer berg, a hike along the wine paradise trail, a village walk and lydia fischer’s favorite tour: the kirchenburg tour

"Where the bartel does not only get the most"."The french know this saying as a threat. In seinsheim he describes a practice of many years. "In the past, the winegrowers and farmers actually used their clay jugs to get their must out of the cellars," says lydia fischer. The must always stood for the grape wine in seinsheim.

Everyone is amazed at this sight

The trained guest guide weinerlebnis franken pulls a long, iron key out of her coat pocket and grins. You can see her anticipation. "Everyone is amazed at this sight," she says – and she is right. Directly under the church st. Peter and paul, built between 1810 and 1814, is home to a cellar that is unparalleled in all of franconia.

"The winegrowers had always stored their wine here," reports fischer. There are ten departments, separated by heavy oak doors. Every cellar a little treasure. With candles, the seinsheim woman lights up the long aisle. Memories of movies set in the middle ages flash back to the past. Over the heads stands the church st. Peter and paul – built at the highest point of the village.

"There are not only religious reasons for this," explains fischer. While large parts of franconia are suffering from water shortages, the water around seinsheim continues to collect due to the strata of the steigerwald forest. "Lots of groundwater," says fischer. Many had therefore no or only very shallow cellars in their houses. "Our landscape lake was flooded within four days," the guest driver recalls. A 1.8-kilometer-long tree trail now runs along its banks and through the village.

One saint, two keys

Lydia fischer closes the gate to the underground cellar compartments. A few steps up the stairs lies another attraction of the community. 17 gaden are built around the church, all still in use. Farmers store their harvest there, the smallest brewery in lower franconia is housed in a gadenhaus. One room has been converted into a smart meeting place. Here lydia fischer holds wine tastings or informs her guests when the weather is not so cooperative. "People come to us in a vacation mood and are supposed to enjoy the day," she explains her own objective.

A tour should be funny, but at the same time informative. "It is best to bring one’s knowledge loosely ruber," she says, pointing to saint petrus on the altarpiece. "LOOK?", she asks. "He has two keys in his hand." Not only the sky storm wants to stop petrus in his home. Heaven is not so far away here after all. Just below the church. "The second key is for the cellar tower," explains lydia fischer. Even the saints know where it is especially nice in seinsheim.

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