Violation of anti-doping regulations: chris dels must relinquish world championship title

violation of anti-doping regulations: chris dels must relinquish world championship title

Contrite, remorseful and combative: chris dels has spoken out openly in a video message after losing his world championship title. "I accept the consequences and had to know about it. My naivety is brutalizing me", said the 35-year-old.

A few days ago, the triathlete from bamberg was disqualified from winning the M35 age group ironman race in hawaii. He also has to serve a 14-month ban from competition – because of a formal violation of the guidelines of the world anti-doping agency (WADA). Dels did not dope – and he emphasizes this: "this was confirmed by the negative doping tests."

Unauthorized infusion

The core problem in the "dels" case is a saline infusion in the run-up to the ironman race in texas in april 2019, where the bamberger qualified for the world championships in hawaii in october. Plagued by a stomach virus, he talked to his sports doctor in germany, made sure the infusion did not contain any illegal substances – and went to a local infusion clinic. A gross mistake, as it turned out afterwards. For infusions of 100 milliliters or more within twelve hours before the race, he had to go to a hospital and inform the official race doctor beforehand. But that’s exactly what dels failed to do, even though it’s enshrined in the statutes.

"My mistake was that I had not read the WADA code, although I had confirmed this by clicking when I registered." It didn’t matter what dels was given in the infusion at all. "I did not know at that time that the method of infusion itself, regardless of the substances, is forbidden by the rules. Had I read the rulebook, I had followed it 100 percent. Had, had bicycle chain. Ignorance is no excuse. As an ambitious triathlete, this should not have happened to me", says the 35-year-old.

Video gets everything rolling

Evidence of his ignorance is a facebook video from april in texas, in which dels talks openly about the infusion – and is apparently not even remotely aware of his mistake. Others already. This video is subsequently leaked to the ironman organization, which then takes action, asks dels for a statement – and a little later sanctions him according to the rules: the victories of texas and hawaii are disallowed, in addition a ban of 14 months is pronounced, which is retroactive to 20 months. April 2019.

Although this is a heavy blow for dels, he does not appear bitter: "the most important thing for me was to have delivered a perfect race at the world championships. The beautiful experiences on the way there will remain forever."

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