Volkach nature conservationists on tour of their own properties

Gerda hartner, chairwoman of the bund naturschutz volkach, was pleased with the response to her invitation to get to know the BN properties around volkach by bicycle. From the meeting point at the bus station in volkach, the tour continued in the direction of eichfeld to the orchard meadows of the bund naturschutz volkach, according to a press release of the bund naturschutz. Honorary chairman hans schneider explained to local nature enthusiasts the characteristics of each plot of land, how to care for it to preserve biodiversity, and the history of its acquisition. "Whether the soil is dry or wet, loamy or sandy – every meadow orchard provides a unique habitat for numerous animal and plant species," stressed the conservationist, on whose initiative many BN properties were acquired in the 1970s and 1980s. The prerequisite for the development of an insect world that has become rare in the meantime is to know and take into account the needs of the species. With beautiful butterflies, many people are excited, he said. But with the caterpillars, which depend on different food plants, enthusiasm often wanes. The butterfly and the caterpillar are the same animal. Gerda hartner took the opportunity to inform guests about the possibilities of contributing to the preservation of biodiversity in the orchard meadows.

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