Waiting for the norma market in uehlfeld

Not only the people of uehlfeld, but also some potential customers from the towns in the weisachgrund region have been asking themselves for a long time: norma in uehlfeld, wasn’t there something there once??

In the middle of uehlfeld, demolition was busy at the beginning of the year. Where there used to be a post office and a rewe market, the excavators were digging to make room for a "regional marketplace", conveniently located in the middle of town. The heart: a norma store, around it a few stores with regional tenants, a cafe, 70 parking spaces.

But since the 8000-square-meter land has been leveled, nothing more has happened. "Everyone is waiting for it to start," says, says mayor werner stocker (CSU) at the request of the frankischer tag. The "wildest rumors have already gone around the village. Norma has dropped out of the project. All nonsense, says stocker.

"This delay is only due to the nice people who constantly rush there", according to the mayor. And by that, he means an extended alarm assessment, which was necessary in order to obtain building permission from the district office. The project has long been approved by the municipal council. There had been burghers who had made several representations to the district administration office in neustadt in order to obtain such a coarse larmprufung. Fur stocker a delaying tactic of opponents of the project.

The expert opinion was not sufficient

According to the district office of neustadt, in response to a question from the french day, there was an expert opinion on the presence of insects, which was submitted by the municipality at a relatively late stage. However, only for the norma market. From the beginning, however, the office demanded an extensive arm survey, which also included the two gas stations of the village and a company land.

And that’s exactly what it’s been about in the past few months. The expert opinion was prepared, submitted and reviewed. Since friday, it is now known: the "regional market place can be built as planned.

According to stocker, norma needs about nine months until completion. If everything goes well, it may be possible to celebrate the opening in the spring or spring of next year. As one hears, there are also already one or two local interested parties for the store around the norma market.

But there are also critics of the project. For example, the relatively newly founded frei wahler () in uehlfeld. "The development in terms of traffic law is catastrophic", says norbert stoll, -chairman. Have they delayed the project?? "No, who says that?", says stoll. They are against it mainly because of the traffic situation. Nothing to do with an intestinal report, he said.

The access to the B470 is impossible. This is still known from times when the rewe market was still open, says stoll. Although they now want to create a second driveway in the upper part of the road. "But I don’t understand how one is supposed to get out of there." Stoll also thinks that the valuable site in the old town center could have been put to better use. He had a "workshop with the people" used.

Angelika stierhof, councillor of the grune, has come to terms with the norma settlement. The norma had not been their first choice. But at least the market will be easily accessible and the parking spaces will be usable for non-normal customers as well. And, as the grune emphasizes, the area will be landscaped with sufficient planting and seating.

Third mayor gerhard barthlein (B) also thinks it is important that parking spaces are finally created. He regrets the delayed start of construction. "It has to do with the municipal elections", he speculates. The municipal council and most of the citizens are fully behind the project and are eagerly awaiting the shopping facilities.

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