Was 23-year-old only the driver?

Was 23-year-old only the driver?

Did the 23-year-old driver of a VW polo know that his passenger had planned to buy a kilogram of marijuana at the destination? Or was he – as he claims – only used as a simple chauffeur?? A lot depends on the answer to this question for a young man – namely, whether or not he is guilty of aiding and abetting drug trafficking. Although three witnesses were heard and other criminal facts were brought in, the matter could not be clarified beyond doubt in a criminal trial at the district court in habfurt. Therefore, there will be a continuation of the trial on the 28th. January, to which further witnesses will be summoned.

As the prosecutor presented in his indictment, the drug procuring trip took place on the afternoon of 31. May 2018 from zeil to nurnberg. In the car, besides the accused, there were the drug buyer and three young ladies. During a stopover in bamberg, another man got into the car. At the nurnberg main station the driver was looking for a parking place and the group separated. While the drug buyer and one of the ladies walked into town, the others dined in a nearby fast food restaurant. After about two hours, everyone met back at the car. The parchen had now a black plastic bag with him. With explosive contents, as the criminal police investigated: a kilogram of marijuana, for which the buyer had paid about 4000 euros.

After that it went back to the habbergekreis. The defendant in the dock, i.E., the driver, gave a solemn assurance that he had known nothing about the drug purchase, either before or during the entire time. He claims that he did not hear much of the conversation in the car, because loud music was playing all the time. In his statement, he reaffirmed his fundamental rejection of drugs. "I am a muslim and have never consumed alcohol or drugs", he affirmed. He had also influenced friends and acquaintances in this sense. "When my buddies are drunk, they only do discs", he said literally. He stressed that he even called the police twice when he witnessed the prohibited drug use among acquaintances.

The investigator in charge of the criminal police in schweinfurt explained further background to the case. In response to a tough question from defense attorney stefan wagner, the official explained that only the drug buyer had described his client as a confidant during his interrogation. The other occupants of the vehicle had not made any clear statement on the matter. Ilona conver, as president of the schoffengericht lieb, will then also verify the accused’s claim that he had informed the police several times: she sent the criminal investigator to the nearby habfurt police station. When the officer returned half an hour later, he broadly confirmed the defendant’s statements.

As another witness, the then drug buyer was brought forward in shackles by two judicial officers. The criminal division of the bamberg regional court sentenced the man, who comes from afghanistan, to a long prison term of more than five years just under a year ago. At the time of the trial, it emerged that the dealer had also sold the highly dangerous substance to minors. With regard to the current trial, the prisoner said that the driver probably had no idea that he was driving a car before he started. However, after the departure he claims to have said aloud: "we are now going to nurnberg and get a kilogram of weed there."

One of the female passengers at the time appeared as a further witness. The 17-year-old teenager credibly confirmed that the defendant’s attitude was against intoxicants and alcohol. She herself claims to have learned about the planned drug purchase when she got out of the car during a stopover in bamberg. The following time in the car she felt very uncomfortable in her skin.

The prosecutor made no secret of the fact that he did not believe the defendant’s version of events. Especially because the blood of the marijuana smells very strong." Lawyer wagner doubted that everyone would notice this, especially if the material was well packaged in plastic bags.

Criminal judge ilona conver, presiding over the trial court, considered the matter "not yet ready for a decision to. Before a verdict, she wants to hear further witnesses at the continuation hearing at the end of january.


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