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Werder makes a risky purchase: elia is considered a problematic player

Werder makes a risky purchase: elia is considered a problematic player

In his two years with hamburger SV, the dutch international soccer player earned a reputation as a problematic professional and most recently sat on the bench or even on the tribune in serie A. Nevertheless, the bremen club is now transferring 5.5 million euros to juventus turin.

"Eljero has waived all his demands to train with us today," club boss klaus allofs said of werder’s most expensive transfer this season. On tuesday, after some back and forth, the 25-year-old midfielder was allowed to practice with his new colleagues for the first time at the training camp on norderney. He had previously signed a four-year contract.

Not only werder, but also elia wants a new start after only four appearances for juve. "As a person, i’m coming out of this year stronger," said the recently paralyzed winger: "i’ve learned a lot from this situation and i’m taking a lot with me." Someone vows improvement? He himself assured: "it is not true that I am difficult."

So far, werder has only brought in professionals for the new season who are considered to be easy to take care of. In the second year without international competition, the club cannot afford any flops, because money has become scarce. According to juve, werder will have to pay elia 5.5 million euros over two years and – depending on his sporting success – up to two million more. "A year ago, when juventus paid a double-digit million contract, it was a bit too rough," explained allofs: "we quickly agreed on the salary, but things didn’t look good with juventus at first. In the end it was a reasonable price."

Werder has gained experience with difficult types – recently rather bad ones. Johan micoud, ailton and diego, not always easy to deal with, are considered the most successful of allofs’ risky purchases. After that, werder brought in carlos alberto, wesley and marko arnautovic, among others. They all represent the failed purchasing policy of the past years. Carlos alberto and wesley are long back in brazil. Arnautovic is still there and received another public ruffle from allofs a few weeks ago – this time for insulting police officers in austria.

That arnautovic and elia are excellent soccer players, they have proven in their time together at twente enschede. The new dutchman also inspired in the first half year at hamburger SV, before he became a problem case. "We know from the games against us that he can cause a lot of havoc in the offense," allofs said. However, it is also worth remembering that elia used to mouth off in an insulting manner and was unable to train for a while because of an inflammation after he had a tattoo on his face.

Now elia wants to "really get going again" at bremern, as allofs put it. The player himself said: "I would like to recommend myself for the national team again through SV werder."Neither of them has many more chances.


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