Why dirk vogel wants to become ob

Why dirk vogel wants to become ob

Dirk vogel had several reasons to say yes when the kissingen SPD asked him if he wanted to be their candidate for mayor. The first and most important was an emotional one: it's about his hometown. Even though he left bad kissingen after graduating from high school and ended up in nearby hesse for professional reasons, he has always had a close relationship with the city that vogel calls "the most beautiful city in germany" when you compare its size and what it has to offer calls.

When bernd czelustek for the city council faction and tobias schneider and maren schmitt for the local association presented him as the candidate to be nominated by the members on thursday, he gave a second reason: "i have always been a political person." For him, social commitment has always been linked to the goal of making a positive difference. Thirdly, he has been professionally active in local government for over 14 years. He knows it in many facets. It is simply a special challenge to take the "last step hierarchically" to run as well.

Reasons number two and three had already persuaded him to run for office once in 2013. At the time, he was running as the SPD's candidate for mayor in bruchkobel, hesse. Vogel achieved a respectable 32.6 percent of the vote. But the incumbent was elected by the CDU. Even back then, he knew that there was only one city, if any, where he could apply for the office of mayor again, says vogel now: his hometown.

Work, economy, innovation

Vogel describes the topic of labor-economy-innovation as his personal political focus. Thanks to the preparatory work of the state government, bad kissingen has a few advantages: the office of the state office for health and food safety, the associated professorship for spa medicine and the services of the center for telemedicine. But it is important to turn resources into skills.

The city's trade tax revenue is okay "but no more than that". From his point of view there is more possible. Not by raising the tax rate, but by increasing the number of business taxpayers. Fat fish may not be attracted to bad kissingen. But it could be more attractive for medium-sized and smaller companies.

Important was vogel's new attempt to reestablish a birth center in bad kissingen. However, it is important to have partners, such as the district administrator and the county or the hospital operator, and not opponents. The framework conditions for the topic have also become more favorable. In the meantime there was a demand program of the state government.

Dirk vogel has also given some thought to the ice rink. This was a "great offer, and belonged after its feeling to bad kissingen. But for a town like bad kissingen, it is also "not a normal offer". The sale of the hall by the city was certainly done with the best of intentions in view of tight budgets. From today's point of view, however, he had not believed that the concept of the kaufer can look up.

Vogel does not consider an immediate buyback possible. To achieve something, a balancing act is needed, for which several prerequisites must come together: the city must be willing, as must the county, which vogel sees as having a share of the responsibility. Same for the current owner and the club of the kissinger wolfe. By the way, vogel will not be on the city council list of the SPD, which has only been announced for december. 


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