Wind of support for central neo-nazi file

Wind of support for central neo-Nazi file

SPD and greens signaled fundamental support for the black-yellow plan in the debate. Subsequently, the investigation committees of the bundestag and the thuringian state parliament agreed to cooperate closely in order to avoid hindering each other in the investigation of the neo-nazi murders.

In order to improve the exchange of information between the various police and constitutional protection agencies, data on "violence-related right-wing extremists" is to be stored centrally in the future. This prevents errors in investigations and dependence on the subjective assessments of other authorities, friedrich explained in the bundestag. It also increases the chance of uncovering right-wing extremist structures at an early stage.

Despite some reservations, social democrats and greens were positive about the project. Clear rejection came only from the left. Their speakers spoke of a "mind file" and warned against the curtailment of civil rights.

The long-running series of murders is also the subject of two committees of inquiry recently set up by the bundestag and the thuringian state parliament. In order to avoid duplication of work and a mutual blockade, both committees agreed in berlin to exchange information and to cooperate roughly. "We are working together, not against each other," assured CDU member of parliament clemens binninger.

According to the participants, both sides agreed on the right to visit each other and – within the limits of the law – to exchange protocols and files. It was also agreed that the bundestag committee would first investigate the actual series of murders from 2000 onward, while the erfurt state parliament would focus on the formation and disappearance of the neo-nazi cell in the 1990s.

In a joint letter, committee chairmen sebastian edathy and dorothea marx (both SPD) also want to call on the conference of interior ministers for comprehensive support. Edathy emphasized that it was a "matter of course" that the states contributed to the clarification of the matter.

SPD man edathy was unusually positive about CSU interior minister friedrich in an interview. The latter had set the right course after the terror cell was uncovered. "I can’t say anything negative about mr. Friedrich in that respect," edathy praised on the radio station hr-info. "In any case, i have had no reason in recent weeks to criticize his remarks on the subject of right-wing extremism."

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